We are committed to ensure that our nursery is a safe environment. We have a fingerprint door access system and once your child has started with us we will arrange for your finger print to allow access to the door. We have regular fire drills so the children know what to do and where to go. All accidents within the nursery are recorded in an accident book in the case of a serious incident the parents will be notified immediately.


Walton House Nursery is a registered provider within the Bexley Early Years Development and Childcare Plane. This means we are able to claim a Nursery Education Grant for children aged 3 years and also for 2 years if you meet the government criteria.This serves to subsidise the monthly fees and a reduction will apply to fees monthly to reflect this.

Open &
Close Times

The nursery opens its doors at 7.30am and we close the nursery 6pm. If you are early please wait with your child in the car park until a member of staff arrives.

A late charge may apply at the mangers discretion if a parent is consistently late in collecting their child. 


We follow the guidelines set out in the revised code of practice for special educational needs 2014 for children with special needs who require specific resources and/or knowledge and care. If we can meet these needs then we are more than happy to offer the child a place in our nursery. 


Full Day | 7.30am to 6.00 pm | £45 per day


Full Day |  7.30 am to 6.00 pm | £42 per day

Our staff are selected carefully and are chosen on their qualifications and/or experience and their personal qualities. Our team regularly attend regular meetings, training sessions and courses to ensure they a fully up to date in the standards of nursery practice.

Our duty of care is to create a safe and secure environment in which the children can learn and develop under close supervision. Team work is very important to us as children need to have positive role models who respect and value each other.

Each child receives individual support from their Key Person to enable them to become happily active, motivated learners. In this way, children learn the value of achievement through their own efforts and ideas, learn about social and community relationships and enjoy responsibility and acknowledgement of their own choices and actions.