• Pre-school & Toddler Room Leader: Natalie

  • Pre-school & Toddler Room practitioners: Vikki

  • Pre-school & Toddler Room Nursery Assistants: Karen & Pam

Our pre-school & toddlers share areas throughout the nursery in order to stimulate all ages in different areas of development. All areas are designed for children aged 2-5 years. 

The central area is where children have access to our home corner where they can become bakers in our kitchen, take care of the baby dolls and dress up using their vivid imaginations. 

Our mathematics area is where children can use scales, weights, thread beads and cotton reels, explore with shapes, fish for magnets and much more!

We have an I.C.T. corner where children interact and listen to number, phonics and literacy games. We also use I.C.T. to listen to songs and stories.

We have a dedicated area for music and our music & movement classes are held in this area.

There is also access to building blocks, lego, mega blocks, dolls house, puzzles, cars & trains, popoids, rainbow bricks, puppets & so much more! 

We have tables to accommodate the children during meal times and an area where the younger children can take a nap. 

Please click on the images below to view photos of our lovely room: